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   Affiliate member of

the UN  WTO


                                 "World without Borders”


The first association of tour operators with the goal of developing inbound tourism in Russia

The activities coordinator for Russian tour operators on international markets 
A participant in government tourism development projects

The cooperation with Rostourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

The organizer of the Russian national stand at leading international exhibitions in Asia 

Direct contacts with international tourism associations and foreign companies

Guaranteed security and quality of travel services

Alexander Radkov met Zhu Shanchzhun at the Federal Agency for Tourism to discuss the preparation of Year of Chinese tourism in Russia
6 мая 2013
Только для членов Партнерства "Мир без границ" бесплатный рекламный тур в Китай!

Address in Moscow : 105066

ul. Olkhovskaya,  4  bld.1

tel/fax  +7(495) 62-777-19

tel.      +7(495) 720-48-11





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