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6 мая 2013
 Travel Association
"The World without Borders"

        Non-Commercial Partnership of International Tourism Integration «The World without Borders» was established in 2002 by the leading Russian incoming tour operators. It is the first travel association of this kind for joint promotion of Russian national tourist product in the international markets. 
     Travel Association «The World without Borders» unites about 100 Russian biggest tourist companies from 13 regions of Russia from Moscow and Saint Petersburg to the Far East and Eastern Siberia, including those from Kamchatka, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Blagoveshensk, Chita, Ulan-Ude, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, and Krasnoyarsk.
     «The World without Borders» coordinates the cooperation of tour-business, public organizations and governmental authorities on the different aspects of arrangement of international tourism in context of long-term projects to increase safety of the tourists, qualities of the services and development of the tourist infrastructure. Special efforts are made to coordinate the international tourism-related issues with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and other federal bodies of executive power of the Russian Federation.
     «The World without Borders» plays the role of coordinator of the Russian tour operators’ activities in the higher priority international markets, such as Asia-Pacific region (in China, Japan and South Korea in particular, i.e. in the countries with a big potential from the point of view of incoming tourism to Russia).
     «The World without Borders» is traditionally engaged in preparation of joint conferences, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, presentations and also participates in international congresses and other events concerning tourism.
     «The World without Borders» is the official organizer of Russian national stands at the leading international tourist exhibitions in the countries of Asia-Pacific region: BITE, CITM, JATA, KOTFA, ITF, OTM and others.
     Travel Association «The World without Borders» also coordinates the efforts of its member tourist companies to improve the safety and the quality of service for visa-free group tourism between Russia and China.
     Travel Association «The World without Borders» makes efforts to develop collaboration with national tourist administrations, their offices in Russia, foreign associations of tourist companies and enterprises of tourism industry, particularly by the conclusion of the proper bilateral agreements on partnership. For instance, such document is signed with the Chinese Association of tourist companies. Good partnership relations are established with Japanese Association of travel agencies. Earlier this year, the agreement on partnership was achieved with the Korean tourist organizations KTA and KATA.
     Good working relationship with travel companies of Finland are in progress as well.
     Travel Association «The World without Borders» is a member of the UN World Tourism Organization and Baltic Sea Tourism Commission.

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