6 мая 2013
Только для членов Партнерства "Мир без границ" бесплатный рекламный тур в Китай!
Alexander Radkov met Zhu Shanchzhun at the Federal Agency for Tourism to discuss the preparation of Year of Chinese tourism in Russia
Alexander Radkov: the Year of Russian tourism in China owes its strong results to non-commercial partnership "World without Borders"
JATA Tourism Forum & Travel Showcase took place in Tokyo on September 21-23
World Without Borders and Weihai city tourism administration signed a cooperation agreement
World Without Borders has taken part in Peredvizhenie Travel Media Fest

Alexander Radkov met Zhu Shanchzhun at the Federal Agency for Tourism to discuss the preparation of Year of Chinese tourism in Russia




The head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Alexander Radkov met deputy head of China National Tourist Administration Zhu Shanchzhun to discuss the results of the Year of Russian tourism in China and the preparation of Year of Chinese tourism in Russia. The meeting was attended also by a number of tourist official from both countries, representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Russia and China, the Russian Ministry of Culture, the Embassy of China in the Russian Federation and the non-commercial partnership "World without borders, which acted as one of the main organizers of past year Russian tourism in China.



Alexander Radkov thanked Chinese colleagues for help during the Year of Russian tourism. He noted that a number of important activities and projects were run during the Year which have yielded significant results in the development of Russian-Chinese tourism. Among these Radkov called Beijing-Moscow motor rally, tourist project "1,000 Chinese visiting Russia" in which the head of CNTA Shao Zivei personally took part, Russia-China Travel Forum, in particular its autumn summit on investment, etc. According to the head of the Federal Agency, an important achievement can be seen in the fact that the activities involved not only officials but also representatives of travel business community. Efficient negotiations and consultations on the safety of tourists were also run during the year, introducing mandatory travel insurance for Russian and Chinese tourists and developing mechanisms aimed at avoiding double insurance.



For his part, Zhu Shanchzhun also mentioned the considerable results of the Year of Russian Year (the number of tourists coming from China to Russia increased by 40% in 2012) and expressed hope that the Year of Chinese tourism in Russian will be held with no less success. He expressed hope that the events and activities of the Year will receive support from the Russian authorities.



The opening ceremony of the Year of Chinese tourism in Russia is scheduled for March 22, 2013. It is traditionally divided into formal and creative parts. Organization of the former has been taken over by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of China, and of the latter by Chinese Ministry of Culture. The scenario of the creative part has already been developed; it will employ more than 200 dancers and singers, and Russian guests will have a chance to see interesting features of the Chinese culture. Currently, the Ministries of Culture of the two countries are negotiating the choice of the site for the event.



Non-commercial partnership "World Without Borders" on behalf of CNTA will actively participate in the organization of the Year of Chinese tourism. In particular, it will run the traditional motor rally, this time from Moscow to Beijing. Deputy Head of CNTA Zhu Shanchzhun assured that his the Administration will grant the organizers of the rally all possible support.


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